Worship Leader

Matt Michaelsen

I was blessed to grow up in a pastor’s home and hear the gospel from a young age. At 6 years old, I received the free gift of salvation from sin by accepting Jesus Christ as my Savior. In 2001, God directed my dad to a pastorate in Slater, Iowa. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that, as a result of the ministry of Slater Baptist Church’s youth group, I realized God’s purpose for me was a…

Mindy Sanders

I was blessed to grow up in a loving, Christian home as a pastor’s daughter. Shortly after my 5th birthday, I attended Vacation Bible School at my church where I was taught about Jesus and the gospel. I understood that I was a sinner and the only hope for my soul was in Jesus and that He died to save me. () I asked for forgiveness and accepted Him as my Savior on July 16, 1997. Once I started high…
Technology Manager

Jacob Heisterkamp

I was born and raised mostly right here in central Iowa. I was blessed to have bible believing parents, who raised me up going to church, and teaching me the Word of God. At the age of 5, attending VBS (Vacation Bible School), I listened to my pastor share that I was a sinner, and was in need of a savior. After he was done I had questions about what this meant, and my teacher and I went to a…