Theology Program

Theology Program

Stay tuned for information on the next class which will be taught by Pastor Chris Lenoir.

We meet from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings in the Resource Center. Email Pastor Chris at for information about upcoming classes.

The High Pointe Discipleship Program presents The Theology Program from Credo House Ministries:

The Theology Program is an evangelical theological training program that equips believers to understand and defend the historic Christian faith.

The Theology Program is designed for everyone, from the new believer to the mature Christian.

·         The Student wanting reliable theological education.
·         The Father wanting to lead his family.
·         The Mother wanting to teach her children.
·         The Worker who wants to better defend his/her faith.
·         The Teacher who wants to teach the Word with more accuracy and truth.
·         The Skeptic who needs some questions answered.
·         The Lover who wants to know and love God more deeply.

The Theology Program give you the opportunity to study at a level that is usually reserved for seminary students.  We engage theology in a persuasive yet gracious manner helping you make informed decisions about our Christian faith.

The Theology Program includes Six, 10-week Courses:

1.       Introduction to Theology
2.       Bibliology and Hermeneutics (The Bible and its interpretation)
3.       Trinitarianism (The doctrine of the Trinity)
4.       Humanity and Sin
5.       Soteriology (The doctrine of salvation)
6.       Ecclesiology and Eschatology (The doctrine of the church and end times)

Send an email to for more info.


Textbooks: You will need to purchase one text book which will be used for the entire program if you do not already own it.  The text book is: “Systematic Theology” by Wayne Grudem.  You can purchase the book from the links below.
Systematic Theology

What you need to bring to class:

1.     A writing utensil to take notes.
2.     Your Workbook (to be handed out first day of class)
3.     A Bible – NASB, ESV or NET Bible (Preferred)